It took me awhile to actually get into this book. The writing is not conventional to say the least. It’s frantic and choppy, and there’s one chapter that’s literally two words. Sometimes when I was reading I was just thinking maybe I’m just not cool enough to get this book, but it kind of grew on me as I read—or maybe I just got used to it.

Savages tells the story of Ben, Chon and O. (Ophelia) some Californians who get caught up in the drug war when the weed they sell catches the eye of a Mexican cartel. Ben and Chon attempt to get out of the drug business when they see how dangerous it’s getting, only the cartel likes what they’re selling so they kidnap O. (their somewhat shared girlfriend) and the guys plot and kill their way to get her back.

The book concludes with a very Romeo(s) and Juliet type ending. Overall it was an interesting story, with very unique writing. Probably wouldn’t read it again though.


Thoughts and comments below if you have any!


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