32 Candles

That’s when I decided to stop singing and, while I was at it, to stop talking. At that moment, it seemed like it was probably in my best interest.

Kids can be cruel and no one knows this better then Davie Jones. The lead character in this novel spent her entire elementary  and high school life being called “Monkey Night” by her classmates. She has dark skin an afro and doesn’t talk—she stopped when she was 5-years-old, after a brutal beating from her mother (she suffered at the hands of her mother both physically and verbally). 32 Candles is written in first person and follows Davie from childhood into adulthood— and as a good book does— it allowed me as a reader to feel like I was right there with her, through all the bullying, the unrequited love, the coping mechanism, and the eventual happy times. Davie is such an endearingly flawed character. I loved her journey. It was heartbreaking yet uplifting. I loved this book, it was written so well and it  flowed so well. There was no “I need to get through this book,” I actually got to the last page and wanted more. Love is explored in its many forms in 32 Candles and also jealousy, hatred and healing. Whether you’ve ever been bullied, been made fun of, been made to feel different, suffered through abuse— or not— you can identify with this character. Author Ernessa T. Carter sure has a way with words. Amazing, amazing book! If you’ve read 32 Candles, let me know!  🙂


2 responses to “32 Candles

  1. I devoured 32 Candles last week and found your blog by searching on Twitter. Glad I did! I love Davie. I want to know what happens next in her crazy life!

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