Katie is a 29-year-old chef with part ownership in a restaurant called  Seconds—which doubles as her home, since she lives in the apartment above. Her personal life is a mess (ex-bf she still has feelings for, sleeping with the new chef) and her professional life  is not quite going in the direction she wants it too—so when a weird girl (house spirit) with limited speech that lives in her dresser gives her a magic mushroom and a notepad that will allow her to “fix” her life she jumps at the chance.  But of course nothing in life is perfect and as the saying goes, “Some things are too good to be true.” The first time she revises a part of her it doesn’t turn out how she wants it too, so of course she wants to try again. She finds a stash of the house spirit’s magic mushrooms and keeps revising her life, hoping the next time she’ll get things just right.  Of course its impossible, but that doesn’t stop Katie from trying.

I’ve read and enjoyed Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series (love the film version) and his stand alone graphic novel Lost at Sea and I  can now add Seconds to the list of his works that I love. It was a great read. It was realistic—obviously not in the house spirit, magic mushroom, time change sense—but in the I’m getting older what the hell am I doing with my life, will I ever just get my shit in order sense. Katie is a likeable yet flawed character and there’s a shy character in the novel named Hazel who I think needs her own series! Really enjoyed reading Seconds, cant wait to see what O’Malley does next.


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