A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry #9)


Merry is finally back! The eight book was published back in 2009, so its safe to say this book is long overdue.  I loved reading about Merry and her men again and I devoured the book in a few days— as I tend to do with all Laurell K Hamilton books.

In A Shiver of Light  the group is still living in Los Angeles away from Merry’s crazy, murderous relatives in faery. Merry’s pregnancy finally comes to an end and to her surprise she delivers triplets. Each child has some sort of magical gift and Merry becomes worried they are way too powerful  for newborns. 

Throughout the book Merry sets out to learn more about her powerful children while dealing with the ever-present threats from faerie. Her psychopathic aunt has decided she wants a relationship with her grandchildren and is attempting to play nice—so far it isn’t looking promising. Merry is also trying to avoid her Uncle Taranis who has deluded himself into believing not only is he the father her children but that she really loves him and just doesn’t realize it (barf).

The plot was engaging, especially for MG/LKH fans. It’s not all roses though. Although we read about new life being brought into the world, there’s also a death in the book. I actually kind of felt like there would be…but it wasn’t the person I thought it would be.

I can’t wait to see if Merry returns back to faerie with her children one day and if her aunt is actually capable of change. Hopefully book #10 doesn’t take as long as the last one!


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