Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends #1)

Like many of the reviews I’ve seen on Sea of Shadows, I think it started of rather slow. It took me awhile to get invested in the plot and characters, but once I was a few chapters in, I began to enjoy it.

Sea of Shadows follows twin sisters Ashyn and Moira, Keeper and Seeker of the Forest of  The Dead (and no, they don’t play Quidditch).  They are in charge of quieting angry spirits and laying their souls to rest. This year is different and their town is infiltrated by monsters they have only heard of  in stories. These monsters kill everyone in their town—except the children, who are taken away as captives. The twins become separated and spend the book trying to find each other, make sense of what happened to their village while trying to stay alive as they travel through the Forest. They are helped along the way by a thief and a former soldier/guard from their town.

Overall the book was enjoyable, I liked the dynamic between the twin sisters and their clashing personalities  however I felt like a lot was left a lot up in the air in terms of world building. I assume this is a learn-as-you-go type book, so more will be revealed in book #2.

It was a good read, but if you pick it up just know it may take you awhile to sink into the meat of the plot. Once you get past the hump it gets good.

Did you read Sea of Shadows? Let me know below!


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