Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8)

“I love you,” I told him rawly. “And if you don’t come back, I will spit on your grave.”

Night Broken is the eight book in the Mercy Thompson and thankfully not the last. This is one of my favourite series and I finished it in a day. I really tried to draw it out, but I really couldn’t put it down!

Adam’s ex-wife Christy comes to town when a one night stand turns out to be an abusive stalker who isn’t exactly human. Adam being the caring person he is allows her to stay in their home, which makes things beyond uncomfortable for Mercy. Christy takes over Mercy’s kitchen and bathroom, and her endgame seems to be her life with Adam, and for some reason Adam and the pack can’t seem to see through her crap and call her on it. It takes awhile but eventually Mercy puts Adam’s ex in her place and its pretty amazing. Christy’s stalker means trouble for the pack and even though she isn’t one of their own, they put their lives on the line to save her. I dislike her character so much, I would have personally just let her fend for herself.

“Christy,” I interrupted her, and let menace color my voice because I refused to let her hear the fear, “if you don’t give Adam the phone right the hell now, so help me, I will put you out with the rest of the trash in the morning.”

I think the relationship between Adam and Mercy is a loving one but while reading this book I wanted to throttle Adam. Mercy is his wife, he needs to stop paying his ex’s bills and when she’s in their house he needs to tell her to have some respect. And the pack! Strong powerful werewolves who fall all over themselves for a manipulative human. Seems ridiculous.

Mercy finds out that her “father” Coyote has a son, which kind of means Mercy has a brother. His name is Gary Laughingdog and I really like the addition of him to the series.His relationship with Coyote is pretty funny and its nice that Mercy has a sibling, no matter how confusing their actual connection is.

My only complaint about this series is the wait between books, I think Patricia Briggs needs to start publishing two books at a time! Great read!

Let me know what you think below!


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