The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line


There weren’t many people in this world who would let you be vulnerable & still believe you were strong.

ALONG TIME AGO, WE USED TO BE FRIENDS BUT I HAVENT THOUGHT OF YOU LATELY AT ALL!! Excuse my enthusiasm but  if you watched this amazing show, (that got cancelled way to early) Veronica Mars in novel form is something to be excited about!

The first novel of the series was written by the shows creator Rob Thomas along with author Jennifer Graham. In it, two teen girls go missing in Neptune during spring break and Veronica is hired as a P.I. when the local Sheriff fails to take any steps in finding them.

While many people fear the big city, it’s the small town I always worry about. Corrupt cops who answer to local business owners, ignore crimes and  in turn, its up to the one’s without the badges to go out and pursue justice. In Neptune, the one without the badge has always been Veronica Mars, who has been helping the citizens of her town solve crimes since she was a student at Neptune High, (and probably before) following in the footsteps of her father P.I. Keith Mars.

When Veronica finds out the missing girls are last seen partying at a rental home with mexican drug cartel ties, she finds herself in a life or death situation, but like any good mystery the culprits are not who they seem to be and with a little help from friends Wallace and Mac, Veronica gets her man.

Fans will be happy to know that The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars #1) give us updates about the rest of the series beloved characters. Logan joined the Marines,(I was pretty shocked) Keith is recuperating from an attempt on his life, Mac is still a hacker extraordinaire, Wallace is a gym teacher (no NBA!?), Weevil is back to his old ways and Dick is…well Dick.

He was rich and careless and had the emotional depth of a chunk of concrete; the only real goals that registered for him were surfing, drinking, and screwing.

This book made me so nostalgic, is it to late to bring back the show?

I think if you’re a fan of the series it will be hard to be disappointed by the first V. Mars instalment.  Sure there could have been way more Logan, Wallace and  Weevil, (my fav characters) but since there are more books to come, I hope we will get to read more about them in the future. The mystery aspect was good, there were lots of twists and turns and that Veronica Mars humour fans of the show have come to know and love was there in abundance.

Well we started out at Carlos and Charlie’s for hurricanes, but after I lost the wet T-shirt contest we were like, Forget this, so we popped some mollies and headed for the ‘09er’s foam party.”

I did find it weird (and other reviews mentioned it too) that the book wasn’t written in first person, since the series was told from her point of view, but it didn’t bother me too much. According to Goodreads the second book in the series will be out in November, so get excited Marshmallows!


2 responses to “The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

  1. I’ll have to read this one! I love Veronica Mars…I even wrote a post about why I want to be just like her. Great book review. 🙂

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