Up From the Grave (Night Huntress #7)


The end of the series, is always a sad one, but it helps when the conclusion is as satisfying as it was in Up From The Grave. It was quite a gap between this book and the sixth, which was released in 2011, so it was nice to get to read about Cat & Bones again.

In the final book, the twosome are enjoying a pretty uneventful home life, when Cat’s uncle brings her attention to the fact that some of her friends (from her old  homeland security job) are missing. Never one to leave a friend behind Cat, Bones and her supernatural friends set out to find and save them. The book also put to bed their feud with their enemy Madigan. They finally learn what he’s really been up to and where Cat fits in, in the grand scheme of his plans.

I thought the book moved pretty fast, it was action packed and answered a lot of final questions fans of the series might have had. I do wish we could get one more book, if only to learn more about Katie, but I have to say the ending was pretty good.

Goodbye Cat Crawfield its been fun!


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