The Spider (Elemental Assassin, #10)


In the tenth book of the Elemental Assassin  series, Jennifer Estep takes readers back in time before Gin was officially known as The Spider. At 20 years old, Gin is still living with Fletcher and although she loves him and Finn, she’s still dealing with the loss of her family and feeling like she doesn’t really belong.

When Fletcher is offered money to take out a local business man who appears to be abusing his daughter, Gin jumps at the chance to take him out, while Fletcher is a little more cautious about the case. Gin goes at the target with everything she has only to realize later she really should have done her research.

Gin Blanco has always been this badass character, but in this book we get to see her make one of the biggest mistakes in her career and I guess what would be the biggest mistake any assassin could make. We see her falling for someone, and ignoring all the signs that this person is no good. We see the vulnerable side of the character and  how much she still had to learn. There was some great character development and it was interesting to read how close she was to discovering her sister was alive back then and see her crossing paths with Owen.

As much as I love her and Owen together, this books has me kind of wanting a peak into the relationship she used to have with Finn, maybe even a short story. Loved the book, onto book #11!


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