Perfect Ruin


Morgan Stockhour is a 16-year-old girl that lives interned in the sky. According to the history of the  skies inhabitants, they’re there because the god of the ground grew tired of their earthly demands and wanted to destroy them.  The god of the sky stepped in and let them live in the sky, promising they’d never return to earth.

It’s pretty apparent the sky is portrayed as a sort of Utopia. Or that’s the way the powers that be want it to feel like.  There are rarely any crimes, poverty or wars.

But here’s the rub: your entire life is planned before you’re even conceived. Parents enter a queue if they want to get pregnant and once the pregnancy is sanctioned your fetus is essentially paired off with one of the opposite sex. The two children are betrothed and will be together until they turn 75 , which is the age the government or King, decided its citizens should be dispatched (aka killed) to make room for more births.

Our genders are determined for us before our parents have reached their turn in the queue. How much are we leaving to the god of the sky?

Morgan lives with her mother and father. Her brother and sister in-law life upstairs in the same building. Although she has often thought about if there is such thing as life beyond the sky, she keeps her interest under wraps until the day a girl is murdered and all her questions about the way her world in the sky works is put into question.

I like the way Lauren Destefano unravels what’s beyond the surface the world she’s created. At first you think well this place seems to be great, and then slowly you learn that life in the sky is not what it seems. Substance abuse is a major issue and  free will is another. The King is good at keeping his citizens compliant and silencing any opposition.  I like the fact that Destefano doesn’t explain every intricate detail of how this world works and rather shows you. I find a lot of these dystopian type novels spend pages and pages getting lost in explanation.

I definitely enjoyed the book 😀

Have you read Perfect Ruin ( The Internment Chronicles #1) ? Let me know what you thought! 


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