Tempt the Stars


Tempt the Stars  (Cassandra Palmer #6) is a book that was definitely overdue. I read the last one in 2011 and since I’ve read so many books between, it took awhile to get back into to Cassie Palmers world.

In the sixth book of the series, Cassie heads into hell (literally) to save her partner in crime Pritkin. There are apparently many different versions of hell and I was surprised that this hell wasn’t all that scary.

Sure there were demons and creatures with tentacles, but there were also kids, people on cell phones, cars, various vendors and the place were Pritkin was being kept was a palace. Not exactly fire and brimstone.

Cassie’s boyfriend Mircea is M.I.A. in this book.  Apparently he’s avoiding her for some reason (her rising powers /abilities perhaps) and she is pretty much alone. She’s surrounded by guards, but she’s still alone in the sense that she has no friends to confide in. Mircea has some explaining to do.

I enjoyed reading about Cassie again and Pritkin is growing on me as a rival love interest to Mircea, however the entire book focused on saving Pritkin. The problem with that is after all she went through to save him, by the end of the book she is setting out to save him, again.  I’m not exactly sure why saving Pritkin requires two books. I guess all will be revealed when book 7 is released later this year, thankfully we wont have to wait as long as before.

What did you think of book#6? 


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