5 TV shows with great Halloween episodes

It’s always fun, when a TV show you love does a themed episode, and what better theme then Halloween. Here are five shows that took on the theme and in my opinion did a great job. This isn’t listed in order of best to worst at all, just a list! Let me know what TV shows you think took on the Halloween theme successfully in the comment section below  😀

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : “Halloween” (1997) – Season 2, Episode 6


You would take orders from a woman? Are you feeble in some way?

 As Halloween approaches in Sunnydale, Buffy Summers, vampire slayer extraordinaire  is feeling like her job is getting in the way of her social life and her overall “girliness.”  Proving that even the most badass women have their insecurities, Buffy decides to dress like  a seventieth century woman for  Halloween, thinking that’s the type of girl her vampire love interest Angel would prefer.  On Halloween night, a spell is cast over the town and everyone who bought their costumes from Ethan’s ( new costume shop)  becomes their costume. Needless to say a seventieth century Buffy is useless  against a town overrun with vampires, pirates and demon children!


But I don’t want to go with you, I like the man with the musket. Do you have a musket?

2. Modern Family : “Open House of Horrors” (2012) – Season 4, Episode 5


“You’re the kind of person who can be twice as scary withought wearing any makeup. “

During last year’s Halloween festivities Claire Dunpy terrified the local children and one adult, (whom she may or may not have given a heart attack) so this year the pan is to be more subdued. When Phil makes an offhanded comment about Claire’s inability to be even remotely frightening, Claire decides to show Phil just how scary she can be.
In other family news, Mitchell and Cam have a Halloween party where Lily thinks she has found her mother and Gloria unleashes her hormonal rage on trick-or-treaters.


“You put egg in my house, I kill what you love!”

3. The Cosby Show : “Halloween” (1985) Season 2, Episode 6

“Trick or treating? Why don’t we call it what it is:  begging.”

The Cosby Show
 was definitely my favourite show as a child. It was one of those shows that the whole family could watch and enjoy! In the Halloween episode, Cliff takes Rudy and friends trick-or-treating while Vanessa has a house party with mom Clair acting as chaperone.  Robert, the coolest and cutest boy in Vanessa’s grade is coming to the party, so there’s a lot of teenage angst involved in this episode.

4.  Supernatural : “It’s a Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester” (2008) Season 4, Episode 7


“For us everyday is Halloween.”

If you’re a Supernatural fan, no truer words have been spoken then the ones in the above quote. Every episode feels like a Halloween episode, but thankfully the creators of the show gave fans a Halloween focused episode anyway. In It’s a Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester, Sam and Dean are investigated mysterious deaths in a small town, as per usual. One girl dies while bobbing for apples and a man chokes to death on razor blades after eating Halloween candy. Both very holiday related ways to die. They find out that there’s a witch in town trying to raise Samhain, a demon who is basically the reason Halloween exists in the first place.  This is the episode Sam finally meets Castiel and the meeting isn’t what “the boy with the demon blood” expected.

“So some witch wants to raise Samhain  and take back the night?”


5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air : “Hex and The Single Guy” (1993) Season 4, Episode 7

“That’s Trevor! I know his vibration!”

In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days… If you can finish the rest of that song, you grew up watching the amazing show that was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or you watch the repeats that are still being aired today. This 90’s show is definitely a classic in my opinion. The episodes focused on everything from safe sex, to driving while black, not to mention featured guest appearances by newcomers (at the time) like Queen Latifah and Tyra Banks.  In Hex and the Single Guy, Hilary, still grieving from the untimely death of her fiancé Trevor, hires a physic in order to say goodbye to him properly. She arranges a seance with a psychic named Scorpius and the rest of the Banks family, but when uncle Phil requests a refund, Scorpius places a hex on the family and hilarity ensues!


“Halloween the only night of the year a black man can walk around in a mask and not get arrested.”


 Films more your speed? Check out these three great Halloween films suggestions 😀

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