3 films you should watch this Halloween


Cue the ominous music! Here are three great films to get you in the mood for the scariest night of the year!



1.  Hocus Pocus is definitely a halloween classic, especially if you grew up in the 90’s. In the film, the Sanderson sisters, who are witches, are sentenced to hang  for sucking the life out of a little girl (the things some women will do for beauty) and the disappearance of her brother (they turned him into a cat). Before they meet their end, in perfect villain form, they tell the town that one day they will be back for revenge!

” On all hallows eve when the moon is round a round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. We shall be back! And the lives of all the children shall be mine!”

300 years later a boy named Max moves into town and takes a trip to the Sanderson sister’s abandoned home, accompanied by his love interest Allison and sister Dani and of course nothing good came from the trip. They enter the house, a virgin lights the black flame candle and lets just say the night is a Halloween they won’t soon forget.


“The house is alive.”

2. Monster House is such a fun and visually stunning movie! It tells the story of DJ, an only child, (with well meaning, but perhaps absent minded parents) who spends a lot of time  documenting the strange things that have been happening at a house across the street. The house is  owned by an old man named Nebbercracker, who yells at kids and steals the toys of any that make the mistake of stepping on his property.  Along with best friend Chowder and new friend Jenny, DJ sets out on Halloween night to find out whats really going on at  Nebbercracker’s house.

“What is your problem?” “Puberty! I’m having lots of puberty!”



“My my, what big eyes you have.”

 3. Trick ‘r treat is hands down my favourite Halloween film. Underrated and perhaps not as popular as some classics like “Halloween,” it’s still a must see in my opinion, especially of you’re into this film genre. The film follows different groups of  people in Warren Valley, Ohio on Halloween night. Every story is tied together buy the  villain of the film:  Sam, (or Samhain to be more specific) who is pretty much judge and jury on all things Halloween. Things you may want to reconsider doing when Sam is around include: putting out the candle in your jack-o’-lantern before the nights over, smashing jack-o’-lanterns for kicks and underestimating little red.  There’s a lot of play on superstitions and folklore, so if you haven’t seen Trick ‘r Treat yet, watch it! It will not disappoint.
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