Intuition (Transcendence #2)


In  C.J. Omololu’s latest book Intuition, lead character Cole faces difficult decisions in both her personal and professional life. She battles with herself on whether or not to continue her relationship with Griffon, who she is obviously in love with, or  if she should embark on a new (or old depending on how you look at it) relationship with Drew— an Akhet from her past who looks perfect on paper.

She also struggles with the fact that her life as a cello prodigy may be over (thanks to Verinique) and needs to decide how far she’s willing to go in terms of working with the Sekhem. In addition to her being Akhet (having the ability to remember her past life’s ) she continues to work on her empath abilities and discovers hers are quite unique. She can “read” people—basically delve into someones mind and see their intentions.

Veronique (also Akhet)  continues to meddle with Cole’s life and this time the target is Coles best friend Rayne. Apparently destroying Cole’s career by injuring her hand wasn’t good enough, because in this book she convinces Rayne that they were lovers in a past life and is set on turning Rayne into an Akhet to prove it. A task that should be impossible.

This book is filled with action, drama and what every good book needs, a great plot. It was quite the page turner and I managed to finish it within a matter of days. It was a great YA novel. Cole is a great female character.  She’s strong yet vulnerable and although the plot did include a love triangle, (which can be tiresome) it just worked and it didn’t feel like a drawn out angsty teen drama.

Book #3 seems to be up in the air at the moment, (see below) but I genuinely hope the series continues on. Something I wouldn’t mind seeing incorporated in this series is some sort of legend that explains terminology. I think I’ve grasped all the terms but there are times when I think, ” Wait what does Shewi mean again? And  what exactly is the difference between them and Akhet?

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 8.50.14 PM

What did you think of Intuition? Let me know below! And if you are as interested as I am in book #3 let @bwkids know!


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