“Teen Wolf” has a bad habit of picking off women and POCs

*Never has a post explained my frustration with Teen Wolf as this one did. Definitely worth a read.*- BTB


[Editor’s note: For the next several weeks, with the assistance of our guest writer Mel, we will be featuring a series of posts about various topics that have come into play on MTV’s “Teen Wolf”. Topics will range each week and we will include trigger warnings at the head of each post. Please be advised that the show is being discussed in detail — this means that there will be spoilers! Proceed with caution.]

TWs: racism, sexism, violence, death, marginalization of minority groups

Television should be about fair, equal and honest representation of people and how they interact with various stimuli in their environments. It should also be about how the writers and creators of the shows choose to depict these interactions. It should be, but for the majority of shows, it isn’t. And “Teen Wolf”, despite doing some things well, tends to drop the ball on its…

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