House Rules (Chicagoland Vampires #7)


In House Rules, The Cadogan vampire house is on the verge of going out on their own and becoming ‘rogue’ vampires. They will no longer be held accountable to the Greenwich Presidium ( pretty much the  vampire government body) and Ethan and Merit are doing their best to leave as diplomatically as possible.

The newish relationship between the two is put to the test again, when Ethan’s ex-girlfriend Lacey stays at the house for a short time and tries to convince Ethan that Merit is sneaking out on him. Something tells me this isn’t the last appearance from Lacey in the series.

The book was fast paced. Besides the drama that came with leaving the GP, there was someone murdering vampires, and that defiantly kept the story interesting. Merit finally officially joins the Red Guard and we get a small glimpse into who else is involved in the secret group.

I devoured the book in about two days. It was fun to read and the plot kept me wanting to read more. I feel like Merit is growing as a character and that’s one of the most important things in an ongoing series. I liked the fact that I didn’t guess who the perpetrator of the crime was in the book, until the final reveal. It always sucks when it’s blatantly obvious and you’ve figured it out early on. Definitely  excited to read book #8!

Did you enjoy House Rules? Let me know!


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