4 of my favourite places to buy books online

4 of my favourite places to buy books onlineUnless I’m searching through piles of books at a local used book sale, it’s usually rare to find good deals on books. I have a few go-to websites that I use and I thought I’d share them.  Go forth and save!

1. The Book Depository
They had me at “Free shipping worldwide on all or books.”  On The Book Depository you can usually find books at or under the price you find at major bookstores. The company is UK based, but shipping is rather quick. I usually get my books within two weeks, and sometimes they through in a cool bookmark. They also have this cool Live feature on their website that allows you to see what books people are buying in real time.

2. Better World Books 
They call themselves “The Online Bookstore With A Soul,” and you can’t help but feel good when you buy books from them. Besides the fact that they also have free shipping,  at Better World Books, whenever you make a purchase they donate a book to someone who needs one. I’ve made two orders so far, (11 books) so I’ve donated 11 books! Not bad at all. You can purchase new books on BWB, but all 11 orders I’ve made so far were used and all in really great condition. I’ve found a lot of my Anita Blake hardcovers on there, usually for half the price I’d find in the store. Check out the site for more information!

3. Amazon
If I’m going to buy a new book I’ll just go into a bookstore. I see no point in paying shipping and taxes, when I could just pay taxes at the actual store, so most of my Amazon book shopping happens in the used section. I’ve purchased some hardbacks for half price in great condition on Amazon, and I check the website every now and then for great deals.

4. Barnes and Noble
Like Amazon, B&N is definitely a popular company you may already use to by books. We don’t have any brick and motar stores here in Canada, so that’s why it’s considered “online” for me. I’ve bought a few new and used books at B&N and weirdly enough there have been times that with tax and shipping the book I bought was cheaper then buying here at a Canadian book store! Also like Amazon, they have a used version of most books, for a lower price, with a description of the quality of said used books. I don’t always find deals on this site, but every now and then there’s something good.


Happy book shopping! Make sure to let me know in the comment sections if there are any other websites I should know about.


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