Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #22)


In Affliction Anita Blake and Nathaniel (and if course their bodyguards) accompany Micah to see his estranged family, when he gets word that his father is dying and this may be his last chance to make peace with him.

Initially only going to support her man, Anita gets ropped into an investigation when she discovers that his father has been infected by rotting zombies. He’s literally rotting to death, he isn’t the first or last case and there is no cure for someone as far gone as he is.

Along with her bodyguards and partner in crime Edward , she investigates what’s going on and how to bring what seems like the zombie apocalypse to an end. She figures even if she can’t save Micah’s father, she can at least stop the zombies from infecting anyone else.

It was great reading more about Micah’s family and seeing that part of his life heal since its always been a focus of his character.

As a huge Anita Blake fan I have nothing but good things to say about the book. I was engaged from beginning to end and that’s of course due to a great plot and characters I feel like I’ve known forever.

I’m not sure when Laurell K. Hamilton wants to end this series but I definitely hope it isn’t any time soon. Not sure what I would do without Anita Blake in my life!


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