The Rising (Darkness Rising #3)


The Rising is the final book in Kelley Armstrong’s Darkness Rising trilogy.  Maya Delaney and friends are still running from two rival organizations that see her and her supernatural friends as investments that they have no plans on letting go.

While dodging capture, Maya’s long lost twin brother and fellow skinwalker shows up. As a child she thought he had been living the life, off happy somewhere with their mother, she was definitely wrong. It isn’t a warm and fuzzy reunion, but it closes a chapter in the series fans like myself wondered about.

Fans of Armstrong’s Darkest Powers trilogy will enjoy seeing some familiar faces in this book. Chloe Saunders, Derek and Simon end up teaming up with the Darkness Rising crew in order to initiate a bargain of sorts, in hopes that they can have a “normal”  life. Since I haven’t read either series in a while, I was actually reading scenes with Chloe and Derek in it, without realizing I knew who these characters were!  I quickly backtracked and re-read the scenes with the Powers characters. It was definitely a nice way to tie in both worlds.

The book is filled with suspense, family drama, tear-jerking moments and of course relationship issues (Maya-Raffe-Daniel). Overall I think it’s safe to say all’s well that ends well for Maya Delaney and her group of supernatural friends. The book answers most if not all of the series questions and I finished the book feeling content with the ending.

What did you think of The Rising? Leave a comment below!


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