Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1)


I wheeled my bike down Decatur Street and eased deeper into the French Quarter, the bike’s engine purring. My shotgun, a Benelli M4 Super 90, was slung over my back and loaded for vamp with hand-packed silver flechette rounds. I carried a selection of silver crosses in my belt, loops on my jeans-clad thighs. The saddlebags on my bike were filled with my meager travel belongings—clothes in one side, tools of the trade in the other. As a vamp killer for hire, I travel light.

After only the first few paragraphs on the first page of this book I had a feeling it was going to be good. Skinwalker is about a Cherokee woman named Jane Yellowrock who is a shapeshifter that works as vampire hunter for hire.

In the first book of the series Jane is hired by a vampire named Katherine from New Orleans to hunt down a rogue vamp who is killing its own kind. The job attracts the attention of some powerful local blood suckers and cops—not good news for Jane, since no one knows skinwalkers even exist and she’d like to keep it that way.

In addition to keeping to what she is under wraps, there’s a lot about being a skinwalker that she herself, doesn’t understand.  She grew up in foster homes, with little memory of her parents and upbringing.

During Jane’s hunt for the rogue she  gains a surprising ally in the form of a local cop and an enemy in the form of a very powerful vampire named Leo. Unbeknownst to Leo , he is connected to the rogue Jane is hunting and while they start off in a sort of working relationship,  by the end of the book the almost friendship is over. That should make for some interesting drama in book #2.

Overall I really liked the way the book was written. The authors style seems to be very clean, descriptive and engaging. And her name is Faith Hunter ! That’s the name of someone who should definitely be writing about skinwalkers, or something in a similar genre 😀

Blood Cross is already on my “to-read” list! Thoughts, questions? Let me know below 😀


6 responses to “Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1)

  1. I just recently read a short story by Faith Hunter that took place in this world, I’m going to check out this book later this week (? probably). Honestly, in her story, it was sort of… umm.. ridiculous. But it seemed at least entertaining, even if it wasn’t something I would love. Does that make sense? haha

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