Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7)


I am just realizing this is the first Mercy Thompson review I’ve posted on this blog. I think I should make sure I pull the rest from my goodreads and add them, since this is definitely one of my favourite series’!

I can’t believe this is only book #7 in Mercy’s journey, I feel like I know so much about her as a character and the people that make up her world. In Frost Burned Patricia Briggs doesn’t waste any time and readers are immediately thrust into the action. The action being the fact that the entire werewolf pack has been kidnapped by what seems to be “government officials.” Mercy and her step-daughter Jesse  manage to escape capture since they were out doing some shopping during the attack.

Not one to sit back and let others handle things, Mercy gets a plan together, and works towards freeing her pack. She ends up uncovering the reason behind the initial attack and what it could mean for other members of the supernatural community.

I read this book in two days! It was hard to put down. It was nice seeing Mercy as not only a member of the pack and Adam’s wife, but seeing her in her new job as step-mother. Some old and new faces make appearances in this book and sadly one is gone forever from the series.

I love the way Briggs writes and the fact that you never feel the story lagging. It’s going to be hard waiting for book #8. I want more Mercy now!

What did you think of Frost Burned? Let me know below 🙂


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