Deadly Sting (Elemental Assassin #8)


In Deadly Sting Gin Blanco’s foster brother and overall partner in crime Finnegan Lane, drags her to the dearly departed (by her hand) Mab Monroe’s estate exhibit. All of Monroe’s treasures have been put on display at a museum for Ashland’s elite to gawk at, and Finn being Finn, wants in on the action.

If you’ve read the previous seven books, you would know by now that nothing is simple in Ashland. Gin doesn’t even get to enjoy herself, before a team of giants rob the museum and take the attendees hostage. The only one who hasn’t been captured is Gin, so of course its up to her to save the day.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that the book makes some progress concerning the relationship between Gin and Owen, and the slimy Jonah McAllister gets a little kick in the ass as well.

I loved reading this book. I’m always happy to read about Gin Blanco since she’s such a great character. She’s smart, strong and yet still vulnerable and relatable. I’ve probably said this before, but along with the Anita Blake series, Blanco is definitely a favourite.

The plot was great, the action never let up and the book was generally one of those non-stop-can’t-put-it-down type reads.

If you haven’t read this series yet I definitely suggest you give it a try!

If you have, what did you think of Estep’s latest book?


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