Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11)


The book Black Dagger Brotherhood fans have been patiently waiting for has finally arrived. Blay and Qhuinn’s relationship is out in the forefront in J.R. Wards 11th book of the series. 

The brotherhood is still reeling from the attempt on the Kings life by the Band of Bastards as well traitors in their midsts who wouldn’t mind seeing Wrath lose the throne.

Getting back to Blay and Qhuinn; they finally get together and work through a lot of emotional drama that has been building up for so long.  It was nice to see Qhuinn especially work through the family problems that created a lot of issues in the first place. The character I always feel bad for is Layla. She doesn’t have anyone and everyone seems to be paring off. However I’m not impressed with her running of to meet the man that want’s her king dead.

There wasn’t too much action in this book, although there where some revelations in how the BOB’s plan to non-violently oust Wrath from the throne. They are using his father’s own rules against him, and it’s going to be interesting to see how J.R. Ward will get the brothers out of this one.

Book #12, entitled The King, is rumoured to be out in spring 2014.

Thoughts or comments?


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