Darkness Hunts (Dark Angels #4)


In Darkness Hunts Risa and reaper Azriel are still in search of the keys that can either permanently open or close the gates of hell—a decision that will be made depending on which bad guy gets their hands on them first.

In the midst of her search Risa catches the eye of a serial killer who sets her out on a game of cat and mouse. The killer promises to tell her who his next victims is, giving Risa the chance to save them before he takes their life.

Although Risa and Azriel spend the majority of the book (and this series) fighting the attraction they have to one another,we do learn why Azriel is so resistant and they do manage to make a breakthrough. Risa’s relationship with Lucian seems to be over and I can’t say I’m angry, I never trusted him.

The book  is pretty much non stop action, the plot rarely takes a pause, so much so that Risa never seems to do much sleeping or eating!

Book #5 is out in June!


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