Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3)

In the third Harry Potter book the adventures at Hogwarts continue with Harry, Hermione and Ron.  The school year begins with the a new mysterious dark arts teacher, and scary cloaked floating entities, known as dementors guarding the school. The dementors are at Hogwarts due to the escape of Sirius Black (from Azkaban prison), an alleged mass murderer who also happens to be Potter’s godfather.

This year, Hermione learns the challenges of playing with time and Ron finds out his pet rat may not actually be a rodent.

I sincerely enjoyed reading this book, it kept my interest the entire time. Because I saw the films prior to reading the books, I’m always pointing out what was left out and what was changed in every scene.

I love the time turner sequence in the book, but the films interpretation was brilliant, and brought the words on the pages to life in such an accurate way.

When it comes to characters, as much as I love Hermione, at times I found her more annoying than endearing(never felt that way in the films). Hermione does however always do what she thinks is best for friends, and that has to be appreciated.

In terms of minor characters, Lee Jordan is definitely turning into one of my favourites.
Although you see him in the films, he was just so hilarious in the book. He’s so entertaining and has to be one of the most biased sportscasters ever! Reading his commentary at Quidditch matches was definitely a highlight. Here’s a funny little exchange between Jordan and Professor McGonagall:

Jordan, if you can’t commentate in an unbiased way—!
I’m just telling it like it is, Professor!

The Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely a must read, now onto book number 4!


2 responses to “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3)

  1. My absolute favorite of the Harry Potter books!! I especially loved the ending where Harry gets his digs into his nasty Uncle. : )

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