Good As Dead (Tom Thorne #10)


I don’t usually read to many thriller/crime novels but I guess I have been missing out, because I enjoyed this one. Starting a series that’s in it’s tenth book is not something I would usually do, but I won this book from  indigo —and it’s the type of series that doesn’t really require you to read the first book in order to enjoy this one.

Tom Thorne is a british detective who has been personally called to deal with a hostage situation. A grieving father who was told that his imprisoned son had committed suicide, believes that he was in-fact murdered, and has charged Tom Thorne with the task of figuring out who the killer is, while he holds a bank worker and a police officer hostage in his store.

There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming at all while the mystery unveiled itself — which I appreciated. I always get a little annoyed when the plot is so easy to figure out. Mark Billingham takes you on a journey to find out what really happen to the store owners son, without making it easy to guess your way to the end of the book.

The stories POV changes quite a bit throughout the book, but it was done really well. These types of character changes can get confusing sometimes, but Billingham was good at keeping the story moving.I also found that in this book —dealing with a hostage situation, seeing what was happening from different character POV’s was necessary.

Even though there was some terminology  that  I wasn’t exactly familiar with, (British terms) I really enjoyed reading this book.


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