Destiny Kills (Myth and Magic #1)


As a huge fan of Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson and Dark Angel series I was really looking forward to reading Destiny Kills.

In Destiny Kills a sea dragon named Destiny McCree escapes a facility were her kind is imprisoned for scientific purposes. She breaks out not only to gain her freedom, but to go see her father who is dying—and to get help so she can return to the facility to  rescue some kids and her mother who are still imprisoned at the facility.

During the escape she loses her lover, but meets up with his brother Trae who she has undeniable chemistry with. He helps her on her journey, although they have issue with trust along the way.

Overall I enjoyed the book.  It wasn’t totally unpredictable as endings go, and the relationship between Destiny and Trae happened pretty fast, but I kind of expected it.

One tinsy complaint: I really wish Keri Arthur would stop using the phrase ” a kaleidoscope of sensation” in every —or every other love scene. She constantly uses the phrase in the Riley Jenson series, (which I love) but come on there has to be another phrase she can use. Especially when this is a totally different series and it pops up again. Ok mini rant over.

Thoughts? Comments?


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