Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1)


So I guess I must have been living under a rock because I hadn’t heard of Harry Potter when the books initially came out, and only became aware of them after the films started being released. I actually asked a friend that I grew up with if she had heard of them while we were in school, and apparently a lot of our friends where reading them.

Anyways, I saw all the films when they came out and became a big fan of the series. I know when a book is turned into a film things will be changed and left out, so I decided to read the series because I wanted to see what the differences where, not to mention that I already knew and loved the characters.

The series being as popular as it is needs no summary, so I will just say I enjoyed it.

Reading the book I feel like I learned more about the characters motives and history then I did in the films. For example in the films I picked up on the fact that Snape was a little odd and didn’t really like Harry or most children, but in the books there are so many incidents between him and HP where he is particularly nasty to him. Neville also has a bigger role in the books, like when it came to the adventure in the forbidden forest, while in the film he was absent. Draco Malfoy was way more of a little brat in the books, and it was interesting that the fight between he and Ron was left out of the film.

Overall the onscreen interpretation was pretty close to the books, but for more insight into characters, background and facts, it was more than worth the read.

The thing I think the film did really well was bringing the book alive. I think J.K. did an amazing job at describing things but you really have to give it to the film director, because it’s one thing to read about—say a game of Quidditch, and another thing to actually to see it played on screen. It’s one thing to read about how ostracized Hermione felt at the beginning of the school year, and another thing to see the pain in her face when she heard Ron talking about her behind her back. It’s rare that a book series transforms to the big screen so successfully and I think both mediums were great in their own right. I’m looking forward to reading book #2!


Thoughts comments? Let me know below 🙂


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