Darkness Devours (Dark Angels #3)


In the third book of the Dark Angels series, the vampire council is still testing Risa’s worth by having her investigate a club that provides “blood whores” to addicted vampires. Someone or something I should say is killing some of the vampire clients and the council wants her to eliminate the problem. Her faithful reaper Azriel (who reminds me of Quinn in the Jenson series) is still at her beck and call, keeping her alive —since they still have to achieve their initial objective; finding the keys that unlock the portals of heaven and hell.

The book basically consists of Risa solving the case for the council while trying to avoid being caught by other entities that are also after the keys.

There’s also a lot of relationship issues in this installment.  Her “relationship” with Azriel finally makes some progress, although she is still seeing Lucian.  Her ex Jak Talbolt (a reporter who used and betrayed her, by writing a scandalous article about her mother) is also in the picture, helping her dig up some research on the case.

I enjoyed the book, though I feel like not a lot of progress was made concerning the main story line. I guess Keri Arthur wants to keep the suspense going for the next book.



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