Death’s Sweet Embrace (Dark Brethren #2)


I was a little disappointed in this book to be honest. Since this was a series I was expecting the same characters to be the focus in this book. I was looking forward to another book about Antoinette and Christian, but instead got a new story told by a few different characters—Antoinette was in the book mind you but more in a supporting role.

The story mainly focus on Kitt, (who is a great character just unexpected) a snow leopard who has been banished from her pack and had her kids taken away from her when she refused to live under their abusive society. Her kids are now eighteen years old and she finally meets them when they get enrolled in the school she is teaching at.
While this reunion is happening a killer is targeting kids at the school and Kitt and Antoinette among others are attempting to track down the perp.

If I knew before I started reading that the series takes on different leads each book, I would have been a lot less disappointed, because overall the plot was pretty good. Kitt was a likeable and interesting character, who had been through so much in her life and it was nice to see her get some happiness. The book would have redeemed itself for me if it just stuck to Kitt’s POV. It got confusing with the constant switching, from the killers POV, to her friends, to Antoinette’s and then to her lovers POV. It was just a bit much. Not sure if I will read book three anytime soon but from the synopsis I’m gathering it’s going to focus on another character again.

Thoughts or comments?


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