Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy #2)


In Kiss of Frost someone is trying to kill Gwen and she suspects it may have to do with the fact that she was involved in the killing of a reaper, who’s death her family blames her solely for.

She doesn’t tell anyone about the first two attempts on her life, her being new to the school and to this world of gods and their decedents— she feels she needs to prove herself by taking on her attacker on her own. Not a good idea.

Her school of magical students goes off on a ski trip and the attacks keep coming, each attempt more deadly than the next.

I really wanted to love this book, especially since Jennifer Estep wrote it, the woman who created Gin Blanco, (Elemental Assassin series) one of my favourite female characters.The series itself is hard to find flaws with, story lines and character are well written and exciting.

Two main issues I had when reading:

 The killer: The killer was easy to identify, I pretty much knew who it was soon after the character was introduced. I like plot twists I can’t see coming.

 The story line with the Oliver character:  Gwen eventually finds out that the first two attempts on her life where not in fact from an angry reaper, but from her crushes best friend Oliver.

Gwen touched his journal and saw that he had a crush on someone but she didn’t actually know who until much later. He thought she had identified his crush and in order to silence her he tries to hit her with his car and then shoot at her with an arrow. He claims he was just worried that she was going to tell his secret to everyone and he wasn’t going to kill her —just “scare her.” Really!? And of course she understands and forgives him. His reason was because he’s gay and although his family, friends and entire school knows he’s gay and has no problem with it, he still tried to “scare” Gwen into keeping quiet. Keep quiet about a “secret” everyone knew. How does this make any sense!?

I guess it can be said that the identity of the crush more than his sexual orientation is what got him worried, but come on isn’t his method of scaring her a little extreme?

Anyways, as always I must remember the book is for a YA audience so maybe that demographic wont have the same issues I had, but it really bothered me. I will complete the series, but think I will take a break from it for awhile.



Thought’s or comments?


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