Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy #1)


☆.5 /

After being a bit unsure about the writing in First Frost , I enjoyed this book. Again it’s a YA so I had to keep that in mind while reading.

In Touch of Frost Gwen begins her new life at Mythos Academy as an outcast and loner. She isn’t accustomed  to the ritzy way in which her new classmates live their lives, and it’s a long time before she makes any friends.

When the most popular girl in her school is murdered, she is shocked to realize everyone moves on as if the loss means nothing, and no one seems to care. Gwen takes it upon herself to investigate the murder and learns more about her family and the history of her magic—which everyone seems to want to keep secret from her.

I really enjoyed the storyline— it dealt with gods like Nike and Loki, and how the kids in the school are all decedents of these various deities.

I assume in the next book her relationship with Logan will be tackled. I can’t wait to see the reason why he believes he can’t be with Gwen—especially after pursuing her initially.


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