Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10)


In Lover Reborn, Tohr finds out that if he wants his former shellan to find any peace in the fade he must move on with his life. It’s not at all an easy task when he is still so deeply in love with her, not to mention he is surrounded by happy couples—some who where given a second chance at life when his Wellsie wasn’t.

As in the other BDB books, J.R. Ward keeps multiple story lines at once, so we learn about Xhex and John’s relationships issues, the mindset of the BDB’s rivals, the “Band of Bastards,”  lead by Xcor —and about No’One aka Autumn, who is Xhex’s mother and Tohr’s love interest.

It will be interesting to see what Ward does with the Xcor character in the future. He’s supposed to be the “bad guy” but he isn’t exactly evil. If he didn’t want Wrath dead I’m sure he would make a great member of the brotherhood. Next book is the Blay/ Qhuinn book! So excited… a new relationship and a new son or daughter…should be good!


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