Liebster Award!

Never heard of this until Nerdy Book Reviews tagged me ! I’m relatively new at using wordpress and am shocked but happy when anyone reads a review I write, or visits my page. So thanks Nerdy!

What is the Liebster Blog Award you may ask? Well, the Liebster Blog Award is an award given to bloggers who currently have under 200 followers. The award winners are to (a) share eleven facts about themselves (b) answer eleven questions asked by the blogger who tagged them (c) come up with their own set of eleven questions to ask bloggers and (d) tag eleven bloggers who they think are worthy of this award.

11 Facts about Me.

1. I am a journalism student and will be in my third and final year this September!

2. Pretty sure I don’t want to work at a newspaper when I graduate. I’d prefer broadcast/magazine or something in the book world.

3. Favourite movie of all times is The Warriors by Walter Hill

4. I went to a french immersion school from kindergarden until graduating in grade twelve ( need to brush up on it though)

5. I have writers block. I get an idea, start writing and then it hits and my writing usually  remains unfinished

6. I have an eclectic taste in music: The Distillers, Green Day, Rage Against The Machine, Beyonce, Kanye West…

7. I love musicals! Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, Spring Awakening…

8. I taught myself to play the guitar

9. I love to bike ride, I try and go once a week

10. If I could live off of my mothers homemade cheesecake I would

11. I’m a middle child

Answered Questions

1. Does a book have to have a happy ending for you to like it?

I am a sucker for a happy ending or some sort of resolution , but I have read books without them and liked them.

2. Do you use your local library? If no, why not?

Yes! I  put books and movies on hold all the time. My library is literally steps from my house, but its currently closed for renovatio,n (which looks stalled) so I have been reading a lot of ebooks lately. There are other libraries but since the others aren’t as close I always miss the due dates and end up paying fines. I’m hoping they re-build soon!

3. What got you into blogging?

I wanted a place to put all my reviews and quotes, and hopefully meet some people with similar tastes in books. One of the main reasons I love posting on tumblr and wordpress is that most of the people I know in “real life” don’t read the same types of books I read, or watch the same type of TV/films I do.

4. If you could only ever read one book again, what would it be?

Any books from the Baby-Sitters Club series! lol I know it’s for kids and I am older now, but those books made me fall in love with reading growing up. I would literally go to sleep every night with a BSC book under my pillow.

5. Do you find that you associate music and books or that you separate the two as entirely different entities?

I do love them both but I think of them as separate.

6. How do you feel when you hear your favourite book is getting turned into a film?

Worried and excited. It’s like you hope they don’t mess it up and they do the book justice. At the same time I get excited to see the characters come to life. It does get frustrating though. The Sookie Stackhouse series is one of my favourites and watching True Blood sometimes I’m like ” that never happened!” or “that character is nothing like that in the book!” But then I just have to tell myself the book is the book and the TV show ( or film) is the TV show. So it’s best to keep the two separate.

I heard the Fever series is optioned to be turned into a movie. Worried/excited to see what happens with that since I love that series.

7. What’s your favourite genre of books? Why?

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy. Real life sucks sometimes, so I like reading about the supernatural. Vampire, werewolves, fae…I mean who wouldn’t want to live forever! I like escaping through books and those are generally the ones I am attracted too.

8. You’ve been told you’re moving to an alternate universe and there is the possibility to take one character from a book with you. Who would it be and why?

Anita Blake! A human with almost all the powers of the the supernatural. So I think she would be good at fighting monsters…and I think she’d be a good friend.

9. How do you treat your books? Are you protective or do you not care?

Protective. Not really interested in letting people borrow them in fear they may dog ear the pages or break the spine! I want them to look as new as they were when I bought them.

10. What got you into reading? And how long have you been reading?

My mom used to make me and my brother read during our summer breaks and write book reports! lol I hated it but i eventually found a genre I liked and became obsessed. Also like I mentioned above the BSC books. Those books are what started the obsession and I still hope to eventually own every single one of the books. Oh, and I guess I’ve been reading since Elementary school.

11. Is there a book you really want to read and you haven’t read it yet?

Nope, if I want to read something I add it to my list and just get to it when I can.


11 Questions to Bloggers.

1. What is your favourite book of all times?

2. The most misunderstood character in a book or tv/movie series you enjoy?

3. Favourite genre when reading?

4. Ever read a book solely based on it’s cover? How did it turn out?

5. What genre of book/tv/movie are you least interested in?

6. Are you artistic in anyway? How ?

7. Who the biggest influence in your life?

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

9. Why did you start your blog? Is it what you expected?

10. Top five favourite actors and/or musical artists ?

11. Where do you see yourself in five years?


*So I should have tagged 11 bloggers but most of the blogs that I follow have over 200 followers 😦 Just means I need to follow more blogs! *

3 Tagged Bloggers.

3. chattygirlbookreviews  (215 followers but I figure it’s still in the two hundreds! 🙂 )


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