Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12)

Reading a book series turned television show gets confusing. With True Blood on for the summer and me having read the last Sookie book last year and it took me awhile to remember what was going on in the book and not get it confused with the show.

Deadlocked was just OK. I don’t know if it’s that I have found so many other series since starting this one, but it just wasn’t that exciting.

In Deadlocked Sookie and Eric’s relationship is on the rocks because of a contract his now permanently deceased maker left, stipulating he marry the Queen of Oklahoma. Instead of just telling the Queen he loves Sookie and won’t marry her, he seems to be considering it. He claims to want to honor his makers wishes —which any woman including Sookie would say is bullshit.

There’s a few mini stories that are going on as well and are all pretty much interlinked (which isn’t discovered until the end) Claude and Niall disappear into fairy, someone frames Eric for murder, rogue werewolves attempt to abduct Sookie and everyone seems to know about, and have interest in her cluviel dor. (gift left for her gran, basically she can wish for anything she wants)

Although I rattled off a list of things in the books that happened, after reading it I can say it honestly doesn’t feel like much went on. I guess it can be said that this was the book where Sookie finally uses the cluviel dor, and that story line is over, but I just found the plot a little underwhelming.

I am such a fan of the series though, so I hope the next one (which will be the last I think?) will be better since I assume it will deal with what is left— if anything between Eric and Sookie.


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