Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin #5)

*review from last year*


Spider’s Revenge doesn’t waste anytime getting started. It begins with Gin Blanco in position to kill the woman who ruined her life, and set her on her path to become an assassin : Mab Monroe. Of course she doesn’t succeed on her first attempt, if she did then there wouldn’t be much of a book.

The city of Ashland has been experiencing a rise in crime, and we find out that Mab has filled the city with assassins and bounty hunters to take out the Spider once and for all.

The book makes a lot of new developments. Bria and Gin’s relationship gets a little better as does Bria’s and Finnegan Lane’s. By the end of the book Mab finds out that Gin and Blanco are one in the same and all hell breaks loose.

I actually thought this was the last book in the series, but there’s going to be another one! It will be interesting to see if Jennifer Estep can keep the series going especially since Gin accomplishes her goal in this book. I kind of want her to bring back Gin’s ex Donovan Caine —not to create drama in her new relationship but more for him to see what he’s missed. It was a fun action packed book. I read it in two days since I couldn’t put it down!


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