Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid #2) + City of Demons (Georgina Kincaid Tie-In)


In the second book of the GK series, Georgina attempts to help out Bastien, a friend and her male equivalent—an incubus to morally corrupt a woman named Dana. Dana is the head of a organization that spreads questionable ideals against minorities and  if Bastien messes up her life, he gets major points with his arch-demon aka his boss.

Georgina also deals with getting a drug off the street that makes mortals feel immortal, after a close friends become addicted.

In the relationship department she’s still sleeping with the occasional mortal to keep her succubus needs filled —while in a relationship with the author Seth. It’s proving to be hard for them both to be in a non-sexual relationship but Seth is beyond understanding. Seth and Georgina are pretty much star crossed lovers. They want to be together but cant because of circumstance. I honestly don’t know how long the relationship is going to last. Maybe they will find some sort of magical solution.

The storyline with Dana seemed pretty predictable to me. Dana had little interest in men and a lot of interest in Georgina. The story line with the drugs and Seth were more interesting and less predictable.  I am really enjoying the series and looking forward to what happens with Kincaid next!


City of Demons is an anthology that happens between book 1 and 2 in the GK series. It’s located in the book Eternal Lover.


In this mini story Georgina is sent to LA to be a part of a jury at a trial that concerns one demon killing another. With bribes being thrown at her from each of the accused, Georgina does what she seems to be known for — rejects them all and looks for the killer.

The second story line is her complicated relationship with Seth, and his attraction to someone who isn’t Georgina. The relationship is a constant form of stress for Georgina, and as sweet as they are it is just becoming more and more unrealistic to keep up.

City of Demons was a quick, fun read and gave fans more incite into Seth and Georgina’s problems. Onto book #3.


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