Timeless (Parasol Protectorate #5)


In Which The Final Parasol Protectorate Book Is Read 

The end of a book series is always sad, but surprisingly I’m alright with this one ending. I don’t know what else Gail Carriger could have done with these characters since this book resolved many of the series’ questions.

In ‘Timeless’ Alexia, her husband and adorable daughter Prudence go to Egypt, accompanied by Ivy, her family and her acting troupe. They set out to meet one of the oldest vampires in the world Matakara. Matakara has caught wind of Prudences interesting capabilities of being able to temporarily absorb ‘Preternaturals’ abilities and wants to meet the toddler.

As for Lord Maccon, he uses this trip to look into the death of his great-great-great granddaughters pack-mate.

The writing and story was fun as usual and was made even more amusing by the addition of the Maccons two year-old daughter Prudence. While reading I was actually interested in what would happen to her as she grows up and thankfully Gail Carriger is going to write a series about her, (in 2013) set 25 years after this last book. I’m really looking forward to it.

The only thing I wish was different was Alexia and Conall’s future. The idea that they will grow old together is nice I guess—but I was hoping for more of an immortal solution. I don’t want them to grow old and die! They are preternaturals after all.


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