Heartless (Parasol Protectorate #4)


In Heartless a ghost approaches Alexia warning her that someone is trying to assassinate the queen. Initially she thinks the target is the Queen of England and sets off to investigate. She eventually figures out that it’s not that queen who is the target but the Queen of a vampire hive Countess Nadasdy, and the person that’s trying to kill her is non other than Genevieve. In this book Alexia narrowly avoids death, saves the lives of some vampires that would have killed her if they had their way and loses her home to a vampire hive.

Heartless was a great book, not as funny as it’s predecessors—probably because Ivy wasn’t in it as much, but Alexia’s wit was still there. Alexia is eight months pregnant in this book, which didn’t slow her down at all as she manages to get herself into trouble. When the baby is finally born (a girl named Prudence) its surprisingly in human form, but it does seem to have the ability to turn into whatever preternatural she comes into contact with. So when she touches her father she turns into a wolf cub and when touches Lord Akeldama she turns into a vampire.

On to book #5!


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