Stray (Shifters #1)


I liked and disliked this book. It was good in the sense in that it kept my interest, I literally downloaded it from my library yesterday and I finished it this afternoon. The problem was just plot I guess, and how weirdly characters reacted to such horrible situations.

What happens: Faythe is a werecat, one of only eight females left, so she’s a pretty sought after commodity. Instead of getting married and popping out babies as is expected of her, she goes off to college, dates a human and tries to have a normal life. She’s called back home when her Pride discovers that someone is raping and killing tabbies (female werecats).  Her Pride tries to keep her under watch until they discover the killers, but Faythe is still determined to live a life away from her family and is adamant that she can look after herself. Besides the family conflict, Faythe has a human boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend  and a werecat who has a crush on her. She spends the first half of the book saying she will never get back with her ex ( who chose the pride over her when he was given an ultimatum), flirting with Jace a werecat and childhood friend and avoiding her actual human boyfriend.

My problems with the book/characters

Knowing when to pick a fight:  I understood Faythe wanting to live her own life and not become the stereotypical housewife, but if someone is raping and killing your fellow tabbies, it’s probably a good idea to talk about your independence after the killer is caught.

Faythe and families non-reaction to her rapist aiding brother:  So you discover your brother is helping cage you and your cousin, and the captors plan to rape and sell you, and they’ve already raped your cousin multiple times. The first thing you do when you get you hands on him is barter an agreement in which he isn’t killed. I understand he’s family, but he is a bastard who was willing to be in a house where a man would be raping you one floor away.  And the dialogue during a lot of the scenes between the brother, Faythe and the other cousin was just weird. I mean I know she couldn’t panic and screaming wouldn’t help, but she didn’t even seem genuinely mad at her brother. Neither did the cousin. When one of the rapists were caught and the other werecats were killing him, Faythe asks a cat who’s sister was a victim how he could bear to watch the punishment. His sister was, murdered, raped and mutilated! That’s why he could watch it. Ugh. Faythe needs to toughen up.  I think I may read the next book—but if the brother isn’t killed in that book, I think I will have to be done with the series. That whole dynamic was so off to me.

What I liked: I know it sounds like I totally hated the book, but it was just certain things irked me. The writing was very good, the story flowed well and minus the rape part Faythe is a likeable character.  The book kept me interested, and it left questions; like if Faythe will settle down with her ex and start having kids? And what happened to her human boyfriend  who is “sick” and mysteriously checked out of school? It sets up some interesting story lines for the next book, I just hope the next time there is  such a tragic scene, there are better resolutions.


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