By A Thread (Elemental Assassin #6)


In By A Thread, Gin is attempting to gain some normalcy in her life by going on a vacation with her sister and their significant others. As usual trouble follows the Spider everywhere, and she is soon fighting a powerful vampire Randall Dekes, who is terrorizing their vacation destination of Blue Marsh. Dekes is buying up all property in the area to build a casino—whether the owners want to sell or not. Bria’s old friend has a restaurant in Blue Marsh and Dekes has his eye on it, and Gin tries to convince Dekes to leave her alone—which ends up with her in another battle.

Gin Blanco, is probably one of my favorite female characters in the fiction world. She’s on par with Anita Blake when it comes to not taking crap from anyone and not depending on anyone but herself.

In this book she deals with her guilt over what happened to her sister, she faces off with her ex Donovan Caine (so happy that’s over), and comes to terms with being the Spider. I love the fact that Gin always does what’s right…even if it isn’t entirely legal. She’s an assassin with a heart!  In the next book I wonder if Jonah McAllister will finally get the Spider treatment, or if Jennifer Estep will wait a few more books. I can’t wait until August to find out!


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