One Grave At A Time (Night Huntress #6)


In One Grave At A Time, Cat and Bones attempt to “kill” a ghost who on Halloween comes to life and rapes,kills and tortures women. They also deal with Cat’s recently deceased— but now ghost Uncle Don floating around unable to cross over to the other side. Back at her old job (government branch that deals with undead who go rogue) her friend Tate has been ousted as the head of operations, and a vampire hating, rule stickler has taken over and seems to have an unhealthy interest in Cat’s abilities.

It was nice to see Cat not running off on her own in this book as she is known too. She actually thought about how Bones would feel and they worked as a team. The story line with the ghost killer did feel a teensy bit like filler—the  more important one being the events taking place at her old workplace, and what her uncle Don knows about it.  I assume the next book will focus on that, and I look forward to it!


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