Covet (Fallen Angels, Book 1)


So I really wanted to love this book. I mean J.R. Ward wrote this, the woman that wrote the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but I just couldn’t get into it.

The story is about angels and redemption. A man name Jim who works in construction who accidentally sleeps with his boss’ girlfriend and then dies in a freak accident. That’s not the end of it, Jim goes to heaven and gets another shot at life, if he saves seven souls on earth. So he basically spends the book trying to help out his boss, his boss’ girlfriend and a local prostitute.

I never really got into this book; with BDB I was pretty much hooked from the beginning. BDB characters are tough and the storylines make sense. You care about each of the BDB characters and when bad things happen to them you feel for them. I just found this series to be a little cheesy and I wasn’t really invested in the main character Jim. It’s not good when you read a story and are indifferent to what happens to them. I may read the next book to see if it picks up but I am more excited for the next BDB book.


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