Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels #1)


So I am quickly falling in love with this series, it’s great to read more books by Keri Arthur. I was a huge Riley Jenson fan and was disappointed when that series ended—but I think I just found my replacement.
Any fans of the Jenson series will realize that the lead in this book is Risa Jones, daughter of Dia Jones from the Jenson books. Riley, Quinn and Rhoan actually make appearances in this book— although not for too long. The first part of the book was just me fangirling about how the Jenson’s had kids and Riley and Quinn are still together!
Ok well back to Risa. She’s not a guardian, she’s just a girl who runs a restaurant with two friends. She also uses her psychic skills passed on from her mother (and Aedh father) to speak to the dead/dying. She can also see reapers.

What happens: Someone is stealing souls and trying to open the gates of hell and Risa’s father (who she’s never met) is the main suspect. She meets a reaper named Azriel who is trying to find her father and he attaches himself to her–putting himself at her beck and call until they can locate and find her absent parent. Risa has a lover named Lucian who is also an Aedh, though there is some major sexual  tension between her and Azriel. There’s a lot of action and heartbreak, it’s a great start to the series.


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