Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4)


In Hard Bitten Chicago’s vampires are dealing with their diminishing popularity in the human world. There are protests against vampires and even armed extremists who want them out of the City.
Along with the unrest Merit and the Cadogan House are dealing with a new drug called V aka Veritas, that’s causing vampires across the city to become extremely violent. The drug is giving humans more reason to believe that vampires are violent killers.
Ethan spends the book trying to convince Merit to give him another chance and Merit spends it trying to decide what to do about their relationship. I thought the book was pretty good, the writing is always clever. I still think Chloe Neill’s vampire’s are kind of wimpy. Take away the sparse drinking of blood from bottles/juice-boxes and they’re pretty much just politicians, as Ethan is often compared too. Vampires commit crimes and they are never punished, wether it be by the house leaders or the Greenwich Presidium. Or maybe I mean not much of a punishment. Especially considering these vampires haven’t been human in hundreds of years.
Besides that one thing, I found the ending of this book, surprising and it makes me wonder what Neill will do next.What will happen without Ethan? How will Merit cope? And what exactly is Mayor Tate and will Merit and company be able to bring him down?


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