Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires #5)


In Drink Deep Merit has to cope with the loss of her sometime boyfriend Ethan, the fact that her house is under the criticizing eye of the Greenwich Presidium and the human world now blaming all vampires for the “end of the world.” The humans believe that the end of the world is imminent due to the fact that the city’s lake turns black and stops moving, the sky turns blood red and lastly earthquakes create giant craters  in the ground.  Merit along with Jonah (Captain of Grey House, member of Red Guard and man in love with Merit) set out to discover what’s going on in the supernatural world to make the city so out of whack. What they do find out puts Merit’s relationship with her best friend Mallory in question and brings back an important character from the dead.

I think the book moves along OK. I will probably always feel the vamps in this series aren’t as tough as they should be, but it’s a fun read with a interesting plot.


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