Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires #2)


The Second book in this series is only two months after Merit becomes a vampire and Sentinel (guard) of the Cadogan vampire house.
In this book Merit and her team are investigating vampires in the area that have set up “raves” around the city, where they gather and feed off of humans, sometimes killing them.
They’re also dealing with a shapeshifter (Merit’s ex boyfriend) who’s brother is being threatened by vampires and he thinks Merit and company are behind it. The threat on his brother basically means there is another untrustworthy person in their house.
The thing I don’t get about this series is these vampires seem so weak. They are betrayed by Celina and she’s sent away to be punished, only to escape any punishment at all. Now someone new is betraying them, and their solution is to banish them to another country. That’s it? I’m not saying they should be killing left, right and centre but if they keep letting every one go with a warning, why would anyone fear them and keep from doing it in the future?
I think Chloe Neil is pretty good at keeping the story line interesting. Enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested.. I just wish she would toughen up her vampires. Looking forward to the next book 🙂


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