American Psycho

So I read this book in June 2009 and here’s the review I did of it. I know this is a “classic” to some people. I thought it was pretty disgusting.

1/5…or 0/5 if that’s even possible…

I’m sitting in my room which is painted white, at a desk made of oak that was purchased at Staples. In front of me is my white mac-book that cost $1246 with tax. I’m wearing a *insert name brand* sweater, a red *insert name brand* t-shirt and some yellow sweats I bought at *insert name brand*. My sister walks into the room to ask me if its OK to wear white after labor day. I say something clever and we high five each other. She’s currently wearing *insert name brand* jeans, a white *insert name brand* T-shirt and pink and green *insert name brand* shoes.  The entire book is written like this.

This book is insane. I honestly cannot believe that someone actually thought up all of the crazy things that occurred in this book. Patrick Bateman is one of the most disturbing characters I have ever read about in a book. He describes himself as having a “Virtual Absence Of Humanity.” 
He’s sexist: Women are basically objets. The worthy ones are called “hard bodies” = “big-tits”, blonde hair. 
Homophobic: Fa*ot is constantly repeated. 
He’s racist : All black people are ni*ger’s who are either homeless and crazy, or crack dealers. 
There are very graphic sex scenes, sometimes followed by some insane forms of torture, mutilation and even cannibalism. It’s insane that even women who have gotten away with only broken bones, (ex-girlfriend from college=broken arm) and “minor” mutilation (prostitute disfigured with a metal hanger among other things) still go back to him!?! He literally gets more out of touch with reality as the book goes on. He kills a child and kills and tortures animals. He even uses animals during the torture of his female victims. All of the things he does to the woman are vomit inducing, and unbelievable. For some reason women like him. He can sit there and tell them he’s not good for them, he doesn’t want to hurt them and for some reason they see redeeming qualities in him that he doesn’t poses. He keeps his exterior in such good condition that no one notices all the psychotic crap underneath.
I just couldn’t find anything enjoyable about the book. I couldn’t laugh or relate, find it brilliantly written? I really wish his character got what he so rightly deserved at the end. But in Bret Easton Ellis’ world, Patrick Bateman is untouchable.


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