Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley


Uncle Montague considers himself a “collector of the unwanted, of the haunted , of the cursed – of the damned.”
I think this is suppose to be a children’s book, but it was pretty maturely written. The main character is Edgar, a boy who seems very observant of his surroundings and the people around him. Edgar visits his eccentric uncle whenever he can, and gets wrapped up in his stories: A killer tree that collects trophies from it’s victims. A scheming girl who gets trapped behind a door that no longer opens. A boy who learns the hard way to keep his hands off others property. A boy’s weird obsession with his special friend. A thieving little boy who gets turned into an apple tree. A young girl who should have been more careful with her wishes . A misguided attempt to help a fellow bullying victim. A girl who unknowingly befriends a ghost. A boys need for independence, that leads to some weird and sad events. Lastly Uncle Montague, who tells these sad and intriguing stories. It’s such a clever book. I wouldn’t say the books was too frightening but it was amazingly written and fun to read! I’m interested now to read more work by this author.

(Review from April 14, 2010)


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