Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins



What Happens: Sophie Mercer, a teen witch is sent to a school for wayward witches, fae, werewolves and the odd vampire, after a love spell she casts goes wrong at her regular (human) school.
At her new school she quickly makes enemies with a group of powerful witches and learns that her father (who she has never met) is the head of the council of the school, which rubs some the wrong way.
Someone is attacking students, and her roommate who is one of two vampires at her school is the main suspect. Sophie ends up discovering who the real culprits are while inadvertently learning that she may not be a witch after all but something more powerful.
Throw in a love triangle and a betrayal and that about sums up the story.

What I Thought: I thought this book was OK. I need to remember that it was written for a younger audience, so it’s going to appeal more to that demographic then it would to me. It was a pretty simple story line, easy to follow. I have however read other YA novels that where more complicated, more developed and that I thought any age would read and love.


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